From tail to trail, by Milton Zysman

by Milton Zysman

My introduction to Alfred de Grazia came from my reading of The Velikovsky Affair, which i devoured in 1972 close on the heels of finishing Worlds in Collision. I have read much on the outrage since including Velikovsky's own recollections, but nothing so far has had the same effect on my normally phlegmatic political consciousness. But, after all, that is to be expected from the pen of a sociologist. What has surprised and sometimes hurt my pride is that everytime I googgled a technical or mythological issue related to this article such as downpours of gravel, references to such exotica as Kuglers twin meteors and Velikovsky's take on Agassiz, guess whose name usually comes up first? I might as well be up front about it since it will be obvious from my list of references. So Degrazia, slow down a little! And don't worry, there's not a chance in hell that anyone is going to catch up with you.
From tail to trail - accretion geology, by Milton Zysman

Milton Zysman

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