Dr. Michel-Alain Combes

Alfred de Grazia, Michel-Alain Combes, Gunnar Heinsohn
Michel-Alain Combes has a doctorate in astronomy from Université Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris VI). Since the early 1970s,he studies "geocruisers," terrestrial impactism and catastrophism of cosmic origins. In 1982, he published LA TERRE BOMBARDEE (version 1), a reference book in the French language. His aim is to effect a juncture between science, myth and history. Since 2001, he keeps up a specialized website: LA MENACE DU CIEL. Asteroid "3446 Combes" was named in his honor in 1992.

Michel-Alain Combes: These asteroids that graze Earth
Michel-Alain Combes' book: "La Terre Bombardée" (2007 version - in French) can be freely downloaded at:
Michel-Alain Combes' website (in French): 

The 2008 Conference of Quantavolution - Université Paris VI

Michel-Alain Combes: The Apocalypse of the year 10,000 B.P. - myth or reality?
The 2008 Conference of Quantavolution - Université de Paris VI


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