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Victor Clube
Victor Clube: Global Warming and the Disallowed Protestant Calendar
Stace Victor Murray Clube was born October 22, 1934 in London and was educated at St John's and Christ Church, Oxford. He was the Dean of the Astrophysics Department of Oxford University and has worked at the observatories of Edinburgh, Armagh and Cape Town. He has authored many books and articles and made numerous appearances on television in the English speaking world.
He is known primarily for his work in collaboration with Bill Napier and others on the theory of "coherent catastrophism" and is an expert on comets and cosmology. He now lives in France.

Some of Victor Clube's publications

The Cosmic Serpent (1982), with Bill Napier
The Cosmic Winter (1990), with Bill Napier
The Origin of Comets (1990), with M. E. Bailey and Bill Napier
"Close encounters with a million comets" (15 July 1982). New Scientist 95, (1314), 148-151, with Bill Napier
"The microstructure of terrestrial catastrophism" (1984). Mon. Not. R. astr. Soc. 211, 953-968, with Bill Napier
"The dynamics of armageddon" (1988). Speculations of Science and Technology 11 (4), 255-264; reprinted in Zysman, Milton and Clark Whelton (eds.) (1990). Catastrophism 2000: A Sourcebook for the Conference Reconsidering Velikovsky, Toronto, Canada, pp. 5-16.
"Giant Comets and Their Role in History," Chapter 14 in Singer, S. Fred (ed.) (1990). The Universe and Its Origin: From Ancient Myth to Present Reality and Fantasy, Paragon House,New York. ISBN: 0-89226-049-1, pp. 145-161.
"The structure and evolution of the Taurid Complex" (1991). Mon. Not. R. astr. Soc. 251, 632-648, with D. I. Steel and D. J. Asher.
"The Fundamental Role of Giant Comets in Earth History" (1992). Celestial Mechanics and Dynamical Astronomy 54, 179-193.
"Hazards from Space: Comets in History and Science" (1994). Chapter 7 in Glen, William (ed.) (1994). The Mass-extinction Debates: How Science Works in a Crisis, Stanford University Press. ISBN 0804722854. pp. 152-169.
"Are Impacts Correlated in Time?" (1994). In Gehrels, Tom (ed.) (1994). Hazards Due to Comets and Asteroids, University of Arizona Press. ISBN 0816515050. pp. 463-478; with D.I. Steel, D.J. Asher and W.M. Napier.
"The Nature of Punctuational Crises and the Spenglerian Model of Civilization" (1995). Vistas in Astronomy 39, 673-698.[4]
"An Exceptional Cosmic Influence and its Bearing on the Evolution of Human Culture as Evident in the Apparent Early Development of Mathematics and Astronomy" (2003). Astrophysics and Space Science 285, 521-532
Global Warming and the Disallowed Protestant Calendar
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